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Dimensional Signage

  • Debner+Company1

    Company provided letters from a previous location, so we simply re-installed them at a new, customer specified location.

  • Debner+Company2

    Company provided Letters from another location. We repaired and re-installed them at a new, customer specified location.

  • Encompass Lobby

    Encompass Lobby
    Flat Cut, Matte Painted Acrylic Lettering.

  • EGA Lobby

    EGA Lobby
    Polished Aluminum letters on Matte Dark Green Painted Acrylic.

  • Chambers

    Interior Gold Anodized Aluminum letters.

  • Stantec Lobby

    Stantec Lobby
    Safely De-Installed Graphics from one location, then Transported, and Re-Installed them at a new, customer specified location.

  • Drager

    Plastic Trim Cap Letters (stud mounded to back of building).

  • All About You Storefront

    All About You Storefront
    Flat Cut, Magenta & Black Painted Acrylic Lettering.

  • Chafin Building Identification

    Chafin Building Identification
    Oxidized Bronze Lettering with a Standard Vertical Grain.

  • The Hampton Entrance

    The Hampton Entrance
    Matte Black Acrylic Lettering. Removed old lettering and installed new.

  • Nantucket Estates Entrance

    Nantucket Estates Entrance
    Oxidized Bronze Lettering (stud mounted to two monuments).

  • Matera Paper Building

    Matera Paper Building
    4ft tall Foam Letters. 4 sets were painted and installed on different sides of building.

  • Rexa Building

    Rexa Building
    Painted Foam Letters installed on building.

  • Name Plaques on Officefront

    Name Plaques on Officefront
    Cast Bronze Plaques with a single line bevel edge and a leatherette background.

  • Building Address

    Building Address
    Example of Dimensional Numbers on building as an Address.

  • 2side

    Samples of Foam Lettering with a metal face.

  • 3side

    Samples of Plastic and Acrylic Lettering with a metal face.

  • 4straight

    Samples of Metal Substrate Lettering.

  • 1straight

    Samples of Plastic/Acrylic Substrate Lettering.